Vacation Rental Hosting Tips for a Five-Star Experience

Vacation Rental Hosting Tips for a Five-Star Experience

Imagine your beautiful Memphis property, sitting vacant all year. If you're not offering a stand-out, five-star guest experience, you won't attract guests!

About 11 million people visit Memphis every year. To reach those travelers, use these vacation rental hosting tips to offer a five-star experience. Book your rental property out for the year with these recommendations today!

Update the Home Decor

Compare your rental property's online listing to similar local listings. Does your property seem welcoming and homey in comparison? If not, take the time to invest in updating the home decor.

Use these 60 easy and chic home decor ideas to help your listing stand out from others in Memphis. Choose timeless pieces to help the property look elevated and brand new. Consider updating:

  • Artwork
  • Plants
  • Furnishings
  • Accent pieces

Making a few home decor changes can make the property look personal and comfortable. After making these changes, hire a professional photographer. Have them take interior and exterior photos and videos.

You can use your stunning new footage to market the property online. When updating the listing, market the experience you're offering. Help people recognize what it would feel like to stay in your vacation property.

Consider the Guest Experience

Imagine staying in your rental property as a guest. What amenities would you expect? Consider the essentials you'd expect to find in a hotel room, such as:

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste
  • Snacks
  • Water bottles

If a guest plans to stay over a week, consider providing additional toilet paper, paper towels, and laundry detergent. You can add nonperishable snacks, a mini fridge, and breakfast items.

Consider creating a guidebook for the area. Let guests know about local restaurants, attractions, and ongoing events. Add personal recommendations and describe your favorite spots in the city.

Simplify the Check-In Process

The guest check-in process is part of their overall guest experience. If it's difficult to check in, it could create a bad first impression. Your guests will remember the hassle (and potentially avoid returning for a future trip).

Consider hiring a property management company. They can use state-of-the-art technology, such as a guest portal, to simplify checking in and out. The portal can provide guests with access to the house rules, payments, and other details.

Ask for Recommendations

Follow up with your guests within a week of their stay. Ask if they have any recommendations they can offer. Their feedback can help you make informed improvements, allowing you to offer better guest experiences in the future.

Apply These Vacation Rental Hosting Tips Today

Don't miss this chance to provide Memphis visitors with a five-star guest experience. Instead, start using these vacation rental hosting tips.

With these recommendations, you can offer guests an experience they can't find anywhere else. Once they start raving about your rental property, you can attract even more guests!

You don't have to apply these tips alone. Consider working with a property management company instead.

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