About The PMI Bluff City Team

Discover why PMI Bluff City is the #1 property management franchise in the country

At PMI Bluffcity, we specialize in (STR) – Short Term / vacation Rental property management services for Memphis , North Mississippi and the surrounding areas. Darrell Harden, the owner and operator is a qualified property manager with Property Management Inc. Which has hundreds of property management locations across the country. PMI Bluff city has top notch staff that is willing and able to successfully accommodate any and all Vacation Rental Property needs, in addition to passing on savings onto the property owner. Contact us for more information or how to find out how PMI Bluffcity can help you achieve your personal and / or professional goals. We have systems in place that allows us to manage to manage your entire portfolio of properties. We look forward to hearing from you!

Picture of Darrell W. Harden, M.B.A
Darrell W. Harden, M.B.A Owner

I have over 20 years of Business Management / vacation rental experience. I grew up in New Orleans spending countless summers on the Louisiana / Mississippi Gulf Coast. Short term rental is not only my profession, it is also my passion. Since relocating to Memphis in 2005 as a result of Hurricane Katrina, my recent Christian Brothers Highschool class of 2021 graduate and I will work expeditiously in an effort to professionally manage your investments, while paying exacting detail towards your profitability.

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