Corporate Housing Rental Management: Trusted by Memphis Renters

Corporate Housing Rental Management: Trusted by Memphis Renters

As the modern business environment continues to evolve, so does the business travel market. Now, business travelers to Memphis are combining their work trips with opportunities for leisure.

This opens up new avenues for those who own fully furnished short-term vacation rental properties in this area. The opportunity to offer mid-term rentals to corporate travelers.

These stays usually last for 30 days or more and provide a chance to fill up those niggling off-season vacancies. The best way to maximize this extra business is with corporate housing rental management.

Read on to discover the benefits of this service.

Why Embrace Corporate Housing?

Offering temporary accommodations to mid-term renters offers several benefits to landlords. These include:

  • Filling up low-season vacancies
  • No long-term leases
  • Fewer renter turnovers
  • Increased chance of repeat rentals

People who engage in business travel are more likely to visit the same city repeatedly. Tennessee attracts huge numbers of travelers.

Yet, most tourists embrace variety when planning their next vacation. They're unlikely to visit the same place twice.

How Can a Mid-Term Rentals Service Help?

The trick to success in mid-term housing is attracting repeat business. If you impress business travelers with your services and amenities, they're bound to return the next time they're in town.

Corporate housing services can help you achieve this by offering the following services:

Marketing Your Investment Property

You can't attract any mid-term renters if they can't find your property listing. A property manager knows how to combine appealing images and compelling copy to convince travelers that they simply must try your accommodation first.

By placing these advertisements on the correct platforms, you're assured that the right customers can find and book your accommodation.

Guest Services

An effective mid-term rental management service will handle renter bookings efficiently. They can encourage longer stays with attractive pricing strategies.

They help facilitate seamless check-in and check-out procedures. After that, they'll check on your guests to ensure they're comfortable throughout their stay.

Day-to-Day Operations

While they're in residence, your renters can call your property manager at any time of the day or night. This dedicated service helps ensure they feel valued and that their needs are always met.

Your property manager will deal with repair or maintenance issues promptly. This helps promote customer satisfaction.

It can also result in cost savings by preventing unnecessary damage to your property.

They will see to daily cleaning as well as deep cleaning before the arrival and after the departure of your guests. They will also manage inventory checks and replace any broken items before the next guest arrives.

Enlist the Help of Corporate Housing Rental Management Experts

If you're already offering short-term rentals in Memphis, you have much to gain by exploring the corporate accommodation market. With the right help, it could even become a lucrative income stream for your investment properties.

PMI Bluff City can assist you with expert corporate housing rental management services, backed by over 20 years of experience in real estate. Call us to discuss your needs and sign up to enjoy all the benefits of our comprehensive mid-term rental service.