Comparing Vacation Rental Platforms: Which One Is Right for You?

Comparing Vacation Rental Platforms: Which One Is Right for You?

Over 100 million visitors make their way to Tennessee annually, and these figures are only increasing. The ongoing tourism boom means that short-term rental property in the Memphis area can be an extremely lucrative investment.

However, in order to turn a great profit, you need to choose the right vacation rental platforms to manage your property. Read on to compare several different platforms and get help when making a decision.

What Vacation Rental Listing Options Are Available in Memphis?

Airbnb is one of the most common rental listing services out there. It has a lot of brand recognition so you know you're getting reputable service. Plus, since it serves 220 nations and regions around the world, you'll attract vacationers from tons of different destinations.

Vrbo is another option that caters to large groups of friends and family members. You only will have the option to rent full spaces to guests, which is not the case for Airbnbs. It's best for those who have bigger rental units and are willing to pay a commission on each booking.

However, you aren't limited to these popular platforms just because they're recognizable and easy to use. You also may be interested in turnkey vacation rentals that provide comprehensive property management services.

How Can You Choose Between Turnkey Services?

A turnkey rental platform is one that provides other services in addition to simple rental listings.

Tenant screening is a big one. PMI is one of the best Nashville, TN turnkey rental platforms because of its screening tools and technologies. Experts will look heavily into potential tenants' history so you can rent to someone who won't damage your property or create a mess.

Turnkey services also will provide guest support, housekeeping services, maintenance contracts, and even professional-quality photography for staging.

To choose between these services, look into the rental platform's background. Make sure that the property managers have several years of experience.

They need an established history with short-term vacation rentals rather than only long-term leases. This is because different unit types have varying needs, and it's important to know precisely what's necessary for a vacation unit.

Taking the Leap

To decide between vacation rental platforms, you can begin by reading reviews. Look up what various platforms are rated and what people have to say about them. Choose the one with features that best meet your needs.

Then, reach out to the rental platform to learn more about what they do. You'll get insight on how the professionals work to find you the best short-term tenants. You can also learn what services they encompass and choose something that performs all of the tasks you need to be completed.

Get Help Comparing Vacation Rental Platforms

Now that you know how to choose between multiple vacation rental platforms, it's time to begin managing your Memphis property the right way. Our team is committed to helping you with property valuation, tenant screening, and maintenance/management services that contribute to a profitable rental unit. Contact PMI Bluff City for more information about your Tennessee rental unit.