Communication Tips for Vacation Rental Hosts

Communication Tips for Vacation Rental Hosts

Did you know that over 140 million tourists visited the state of Tennessee in 2022? The Volunteer State is known for its vibrant culture and standout cities such as Nashville and Memphis.

If you invest in property in Tennessee, you may be able to earn quite a bit through vacation rental management.

Communication with your short-term rental tenants is important when you're a vacation host. Here are some key vacation rental communication tips to consider for your Airbnb rental.

Respond Promptly

When you receive questions or concerns, you need to respond as soon as possible. Even if it does not seem like a huge issue to you, it may be important to your guests.

A quick response shows that you're invested in their short-term rental experience. It may also generate positive reviews for other potential vacation guests to see.

Offer Multiple Methods

Many vacation rental platforms have built-in messaging functions. However, this may not be an ideal form of communication for your vacation guests.

Give guests information such as your phone number and email address. You can include this information when they first book, or in an information guide located inside the short-term rental.

If you work with a property management company, they will take care of all the communication on your behalf. However, it's still important to establish that connection with your vacation guests.

Provide Necessary Information

Your guests should not have to wonder about the location of essentials and amenities in the Airbnb rental. In their welcome binder or packet, provide a list or diagram for them to use.

You can also give information about the area. A good welcome binder includes things like local restaurants, entertainment, and tourist attractions.

Be Proactive About Updates

If there is an important update regarding the property, it's best to let your guests know sooner rather than later. For instance, you may receive a warning about inclement weather or road work that could affect plans.

Even if you give them information on local attractions, stay abreast of current events. You may want to include seasonal attractions or events happening during their stay.

Flexibility is Key

You should not be completely rigid when it comes to things like check-in and check-out times. Although it may seem like a hard-and-fast rule, it's important to accommodate your vacation guests as much as possible.

Ask them ahead of time when they plan on arriving in the area. If possible, try to have the unit ready to go by that time. In addition, see if you can schedule cleaning and restocking for later in the day if they need to check out a few hours late.

Use These Vacation Rental Communication Tips

Whether you're a new host or experienced, these vacation rental communication tips are essential. Both you and your guests will feel more comfortable throughout the entire process.

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